Israel the Miracle — About The Campaign

75 Years Ago

History culminated in the miraculous as the nation of Israel was once again established after 2000 years of exile and persecution. The rebirth of the nation of Israel was a cause of joy and celebration then, and remains so now as we reflect how God has used the promised people in the promised land throughout the last 75 years. Israel the Miracle exists as a campaign to acknowledge and celebrate all that has been done.


This movement would not be possible without the time, effort, and contributions of our many sponsors around the globe:

How Did We Get Here?

Israel the Miracle, as a campaign, began in the heart of Jonathan Feldstein, the founder and director of the Genesis 123 Foundation. Jonathan immigrated to Israel in 2004 and, since starting the Genesis 123 Foundation, has been working to build bridges between Christians and Jews and help Christians experience Israel in new and meaningful ways. Israel the Miracle was birthed out of a desire to reflect and celebrate all that has happened in the nation of ISrael by inviting Christian thought leaders to share their experience in Israel with the world to commemorate and celebrate Israel’s 75th anniversary in a profound way.

About the Genesis 123 Foundation

The Genesis 123 foundation was established to build bridges between Christians and Jews and provide opportunities for Christians to connect with the land of Israel in meaningful ways. The foundation is responsible for many programs that support Israel and relationships between Christians and Jews through charity, antiterrorism efforts, emergency relief, Holocaust remembrance, and experiential programs.

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