What Christian and Jewish leaders have had to say about Israel the Miracle.
“Israel the Miracle” is a must-read coffee table book. In this amazing, illustrated compilation of essays, Jonathan Feldstein and the Genesis 123 Foundation have masterfully showcased why millions of Christians worldwide wholeheartedly support the nation of Israel. This book will help build stronger relationships between Jews and Christians at a time when many are turning their backs on Israel. I strongly recommend this book not just for one’s private collection; I will personally utilize it as gifts to others to help spread the love for Israel and to build an unwavering support for the apple of Gods eye.
Gidon Ariel
Co-founder, www.root-source.com
In "Israel The Miracle,” Jonathan Feldstein and the Genesis 123 Foundation have compiled a remarkable anthology of exquisite photographs of the Holy Land and commentary by a distinguished assembly of individuals that eloquently speak of God’s love for His beautiful land and His people. And nobly testifies to the spiritual connection between Christians and Jews, forever linked by God’s promise of The Messiah. The next best thing to actually being in Israel is to bring this book into your home! Read it. Share it. Display It. It's impossible to walk past it and not be drawn to it!
Joe Battaglia
Author (The Politically Incorrect Jesus), broadcaster, and co-executive producer of the nationally syndicated radio program Keep the Faith, and president of Renaissance Communications.
“Israel the Miracle” is a must-read coffee table book. In this amazing, illustrated compilation of essays, Jonathan Feldstein and the Genesis 123 Foundation have masterfully showcased why millions of Christians worldwide wholeheartedly support the nation of Israel. This book will help build stronger relationships between Jews and Christians at a time when many are turning their backs on Israel. I strongly recommend this book not just for one’s private collection; I will personally utilize it as gifts to others to help spread the love for Israel and to build an unwavering support for the apple of Gods eye.
Pastor Mario Bramnick
is President of the Latino Coalition for Israel, with a vision to establish the largest Hispanic Pro-Israel organization in America and Latin America supporting Israel, combating the global rise of Antisemitism, and raising awareness of the critical intersection of Israel and the nations.
I am honored to endorse Israel the Miracle. Essays from 75 devoted advocates share gleaming insights about our spiritual homeland during its 75th Sapphire anniversary year. God reveals His design for Jerusalem in Isaiah 54:11 to use blue sapphires for its foundation. Israel is the only place on earth where rare deep blue Mt. Carmel Sapphires are found. Israel itself, shining as a rarity, is the only nation on earth where God declares in Leviticus, “the land is mine.”
Arlene Bridges Samuels
is the Weekly Feature Columnist for The Christian Broadcasting Network Israel, and previously on the staff of American Israel Public Affairs Committee and Mercy Ships
"Israel the Miracle" is an extraordinary book that is much more than just a collection of beautiful pictures. This captivating centerpiece will impress your guests and set the perfect tone for in-depth theological conversation. When I first looked through this book, I was struck by its stunning images of the Holy Land. However, "Israel the Miracle" is more than a visual treat. It presents serious theological issues in simple, easy-to-read segments, including topics such as the legality of Israel, prophetic fulfillment, and the coming Messiah. I highly recommend this brilliant book to anyone who wishes to understand and study the Bible.
Pastor Robbie Coleman
holds a Master of Ministerial Leadership and pastored for 34 years before the Lord refocused his ministry to the Jewish people. He currently serves as Director of Zion’s Bridge.
“Israel the Miracle” is an astounding testament of the enduring significance and global influence of Israel. The book gently unravels the profound narratives of 75 distinguished leaders and influential figures from across the globe, each sharing personal encounters and reflections on the ‘land of milk and honey.’ Enveloped within its pages are thought-provoking and emotion-stirring essays that invite the reader into the hearts and minds of these notable figures, providing unique insight into what makes Israel so special and irreplaceable in their eyes. The spectrum of authors is indeed remarkable, collectively painting a rich, diverse, and complex tapestry of voices that truly bring to life the miracles of Israel. Thanks a gazillion times Genesis 123 Foundation for changing the game.
Major Daughter
is a non-profit leader, top 100 mentor, award-winning speaker, broadcaster, creator and president of MDNTV.
I am so proud of my friend Jonathan Feldstein and the Genesis 123 Foundation for the completion of this magnificent project. Israel the Miracle speaks to all and gathers the stories of so many brilliant people who have shared their hearts about what Israel means to them. It is my heart that Israel, the state, and its people continue to be God's miracle. I grew up being inspired by their heroes, who became my heroes. Today's State of Israel continues to be a miracle not just one from a dream of long ago but one we can experience today. I can’t wait until we can also celebrate a Spanish edition.
Libia Durán
is the founder of Pastors Wives of America, and a national and international speaker at women's, marriage, and parenting conferences
A new generation of young Christians desperately need to hear these diverse perspectives on the miracle of Israel from this all-star array of Christian leaders. The story of the miracle must be passed “from generation to generation.” I have never encountered a resource like it, and I am thrilled that that Genesis 123 Foundation has brought it to life beautifully to fulfil a powerful purpose.
John Enarson
is a Christian theology student living in Israel and serves as the Christian Relations Director for Cry For Zion, a movement of Jews and Christians for Jewish sovereignty and freedom on the Temple Mount.
If we ever needed hope for the future, it is now. I will never forget the life changing experience when I first visited Israel fifty years ago, the deep sense of hope I felt that this is a place where God is at work today to change the world. It changed me forever. This stunningly beautiful book Israel The Miracle with powerful essays by Christian leaders from around the world, communicates that hope.
Lars Enarson
is an author, prolific Bible teacher, international prayer leader, and has been in full time Christian ministry since the early 1970s.
This book compiled by my friend Jonathan Feldstein and the Genesis 123 Foundation is a powerful presentation of the wonderful images from Israel. If you have been to Israel, you will be thrilled to see some of the wonderful places and locations in the country. If you have never been there, you will be inspired by the images where so many powerful and wonderful places.
Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Glenarden
As prominent Christian leaders come together, representing cultural and ethnic diversity from around the world, we celebrate in unity the miraculous Jewish State of Israel and the historic compilation of Israel the Miracle. As a civil rights leader and advocate for life from the womb to the tomb, and beyond, I honor God’s chosen people and the holy land of Israel. Israel the Miracle, is a beautiful reflection of the body of Messiah functioning in unison as depicted in 1 Corinthians 12:12-27, as we stand united in the divine embrace of God’s love and grace.
Alveda C. King, PhD
author, actress, producer, pro-life and civil rights leader, daughter to slain civil rights activist Rev. A.D.
What a timely, inspirational and educational book ‘Israel the Miracle’ is, in the year the modern nation state of Israel celebrates its 75th anniversary! Read and be inspired by the personal narratives of 75 well-known Christian leaders, on the land God loves and the people He has chosen to be 'a light unto the nations'. A perfect mix of pictures and prose, not only will this book be a beautiful addition to your coffee table library, but also give you solid Scriptural insights into God’s never-ending love for Israel.
Paushali Lass
is an Indian-German international speaker, author, mom of five, and bridge-builder between Christians, Jews and Muslims.
There's no other accurate word to describe Israel but "miraculous". Christians around the world are inspired by God's faithfulness to Israel, which deepens our faith in him personally. I'm so thankful for Jonathan Feldstein's work to bring these 75 essays together in a way that encourages so many Jewish and Christian readers. This book is a unique gift to everyone who calls on the name of the God of the Bible.
Nic Lesmeister
Executive Pastor of Church & Jewish Relations, Gateway Church
Israel certainly is a miracle, and this book is an incredible testimony to the resilience of a people and their land. It is also an important must-read for everyone who loves Zion, allowing people to understand the deep roots of their support for Israel. 'Israel the Miracle' is a book that does this not only through words, but with beautiful, sweeping illustrations. The photographs are simply stunning and are a testimony to the everlasting variety of sights from the holy land. Indeed, Israel's significance runs deep, and entire families can share this experience by reading together, enjoying the beauty of Israel's nature and people. Don't miss this opportunity to explore a book that is both meaningful and moving for Christians and Jews alike. We share our love of the Land of Israel and pray for the success of the people of Israel, together. What a beautiful work.
Ruth Jaffe Lieberman
is a political advisor in Israel, co-founder of the Yes! Israel Project, creating personal ties for advocacy work between DC and Jerusalem. A licensed tour guide, she's also studying an advanced degree in Archaeology.
The strong support which Israel receives from Christians uplifts the spirits of the people of Israel and strengthens the Jewish state. It is such a blessing to be a partner with brothers and sisters of faith from around the world in celebrating the open fulfillment of biblical prophecies happening before our eyes in the lan of Israel today. In the remarkable essays that fill "Israel the Miracle," Jonathan Feldstein, the Genesis 123 Foundation, and the authors have captured all of these sentiments. May Jonathan, the Genesis 123 Foundation, the authors, and all readers be the recipients of much divine blessing as a result of this spectacular project.
Rabbi Dov Lipman
served as a member of the 19th Knesset and is the founder and CEO of Yad L'Olim, an NGO that helps Jews from around the world make Israel their home.
On a day-to-day basis, I have the privilege of managing All Israel News, which shares current events about Israel specifically with Christians around the world. Our goal is providing both Biblical and historical context. "Israel the Miracle" provides this context with powerful and personal essays by Christian leaders from all over the world. It is a tremendous contribution to building bridges between Christians and the modern State of Israel. I am proud to endorse and highly recommend this important work.
Joseph Magen
Managing Editor, All Israel News
“Israel the Miracle” is a unique retelling and gorgeous depiction of the miraculous story of the Land of Israel. It is also proof that Israel changes lives. No wonder so many Christian visitors have returned home as Israel lovers. This beautiful book reminds us of Israel’s beauty and eternal significance, and makes us long to visit there again.
Dr. Susan M. Michael
is USA Director for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem and author of Encounter the 3D Bible, a gifted teacher and international speaker having travelled Israel for over 40 years.
Gateway Church has made Israel a priority, and, as a result, we have seen God do miraculous things in and through our ministry. That’s why I’m thrilled my friend Jonathan Feldstein has compiled these 75 commentaries about the miracle of Israel. This book is sure to strengthen your faith in God and give you a greater love for Israel.
Robert Morris
Senior Pastor of Gateway Church and Bestselling Author
"Israel The Miracle" is a captivating and insightful read that seamlessly bridges the gap between Judeo-Christian alliances and our understanding of Israel. This book illuminates the profound bond shared by Jews and Christian throughout history, while highlighting Israel's awe-inspiring resilience and growth. It's not just a book, but a journey that enriches one's perspective on spirituality, history, and geopolitics. A must-read for anyone seeking to understand the miracle that is Israel.
Hananya Naftali
is a prominent Israeli speaker and influencer in the fight against antisemitism, terrorism, and assault on the State of Israel
“Israel the Miracle” provides a believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob an opportunity to pause and reflect on what it means to be living in sacred history when prophecies are "in-fulfillment." This is an incredible love letter from our covenantal partners in the Kingdom of God.
David Nekrutman
Executive Director for The Isaiah Projects and Jewish Adviser to The Chosen
The stunning loveliness of “Israel the Miracle” is just a sketch of the surpassing elegance of Jews and Christians working together building bridges and a mere outline of the entrancing beauty of the Israeli people chosen by God to whom belong the glory, the covenants, the giving of the Law, the worship, the promises, the patriarchs, and the promised Messiah.
J. David Pitcher, Jr.
MD, Academic Director of The Institute of Midrashic Studies of the New Testament
“Israel the Miracle” captures the heart and soul of the land that God gave the Jewish people. But its more than just another book about how this miracle happened; it's a look at God’s goodness and grace as seen through the lens of the beauty of the land and the people to whom He gave it. I know you’ll love seeing how God’s supernatural hand brought His people home to the land that He gave them so long ago!
Todd Schumacher
is the founding pastor of Church of the King, a life-giving church with multiple campuses in the southwest Louisiana
I love Israel. There’s a renewing power that comes with visiting there that fills my soul with every visit. I’ve felt what it feels like when you walk in the footsteps of Jesus. "Israel the Miracle" is a powerful depiction of that reality, expressed by dozens of Christian leaders from all around the world. Many of these are my good friends. More than just a book that you read, it's a visual experience to enjoy. It is truly beautiful. I pray that this book will expose readers to the people of Israel, the Land in which Jesus lived, and his people.
Michael W. Smith
is a muti-platinum singer-songwriter, worship leader and actor
I was blessed to be one of the first people to see the proof of “Israel the Miracle.” at the 2023 NRB Convention. My immediate reaction was hos stunning and impressive it is. As I was sitting there, several friends came along side of me looking at the book. Their words affirmed what I thought, "Oh, what a beautiful book where can I get one?" Leafing through the pages together, the comments were always the same. "This is such a beautiful book. I must have one." It will stir your heart as you reflect on Israel's 75 years, and give you a love for Israel like perhaps you never had before. You will be amazed how easy it is to grab a copy book and get lost in the beautiful pictures and stories. “Israel the Miracle,” is a must-read book for every home.
Dorothy Spaulding
President Watchmen Broadcasting, Augusta, Ga. USA
For proof that God keeps His covenant and promises, and that His Word is true, all you have to do is look at modern Israel. After 75 years of statehood and restored Jewish sovereignty to the Land of Israel, today we are seeing countless miracles and prophecies happening in front of our eyes. “Israel the Miracle” captures this reality through the unique voices of Christian leaders around the world along with breathtaking images. It is a treasure, and a keepsake for your entire family.
Byron Stinson
Team Leader, Boneh Israel
“Israel The Miracle” is an extraordinary publication and a timely salute and tribute to Israel as it celebrates 75 years of statehood. The essays by leading religious figures from around the world are very well done creating a must read for everyone who understands how important Israel and its history are to Jews and Christians alike. The artwork is spectacular, each image has been carefully paired with the corresponding essay and creates a journey through Israel that is breathtaking. This is a publishing masterpiece and will be treasured by anyone who obtains the book.
Robert A. Stringfellow
Publisher, Nashville Christian Family
As a Jew who grew up in the Land of Israel, and as a millennial, I am privileged and take for granted a great deal of Israel's stunning landscape and biblical prophetic words coming to life around me. When I see Israel through the lens of these Christian leaders, I am reminded and awestruck by their recognition of this beautiful land and her people. I read in their words about our resilience as a nation, our eternal promise still remembered by God, and our alliance with Christians around the world who remind us, we are not alone. I am grateful to Jonathan Feldstein and the Genesis 123 Foundation for making this possible and bringing such a wide swath of Christian leaders to come together in support of our eternal homeland, Israel.
Abe Truitt
Founder of Trusite, bringing Israel into your living room
“Israel the Miracle” is a book filled with men and women that have been inspired by the wonders of the Land, People and God of Israel. It is a book of life that reflects on the past to reveal the working of God in our lives today. Each one who have shared their stories in this book have had their lives radically transformed as they pursued the promises and blessing of Israel. My hope is that as you read their stories, you will also be inspired to be part of the blessing and restoration of Israel.
Steve Wearp
Founder of Blessed Buy Israel
For over 75 years people have tried to communicate the significance of the nation of Israel through archeology, Biblical teaching, pilgrimage tours, and more. Each of these approaches come with varying obstacles for many people. “Israel the Miracle” has managed to summarize the beauty, emotion, and significance of Israel, while simultaneously continuing the process of healing and unification between people of both Jewish and Christian faiths. It not only builds your faith, but it packages experts across the faith with beautiful imagery and story in a way that allows those who love Israel to share that love through a coffee table book that will draw you in like few others can.
Joshua Weiss
is producer and co-host of the CrossTalk International television program and co-founder and CEO of ARK Multicasting, Inc. He also serves as an Associate Pastor and chairman of NRB television committee

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